The Pitt Stop Puzzle Mystery!

pittstoppuzzlemystery_bookBy Michael M. Tickenoff

This unique one of a kind story not only introduces the reader unto another of Michael’s extraordinary character but it also presents a strange encounter with a mind boggling experiment gone right? Michael, through his unusual story telling ability is slowly creating a framework, building a team of characters which will be welded together by happenstances and united by commitment in a greater series of adventures in the future. The Pitt Stop Puzzle Mystery is another unique techno-mystery with a twist where the readers will slowly come to know personally, these exciting new characters through a chain of intriguing¬†¬† circumstances. The scene is set in a tiny X-mining town tucked away on a long desert highway. The curtain slowly rises up on a totally unexpected stage of mysterious and very strange events which lead Luke and Wally into a most inventive plot. One that turns out way more complicated and dangerous than they were expecting. Luke Mitchner, a free-lance investigative Journalist is on his way home from a long tiring assignment but waylaid by his friend and Editor Dustin Arrow to make a quick side trip to a small mining town called the Pitt Stop. He soon meets up with Wally Justin, a rather likable giant of many talents. There they work, linking their skills together in unraveling this high desert mystery. They soon become friends and partners in a strange technological enigma, and are soon both embroiled into a most interesting set of circumstances. They finally get near to figuring things out when they stumble into something way larger than they ever expected.¬† Serious consequences arise and things get bumpy as the plot gets deeper and they provoke the secrets of invention! These strange events forge a lasting bond with them, and more awaits their exciting lives as the team of characters is slowly brought together and eventually will be forged into a powerful force for higher callings and outrageous adventures.

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Keep this partially sighted author in mind, he’s got a lot to say and tons of real stories to tell.
His soon to be published stories and novellas of adventure, mystery and intrigue will offer all readers a pleasant feast at the table of easy entertainment and exciting satisfaction.

You’ll never go away hungry but keep asking for more.

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