The Palmyra Island Lost Treasure Adventure!

Book #5 in the Luke Mitchner Series

Palmyra Island Lost Treasure Adventure

Our author Michael M. Tickenoff created this novel based on a fair amount of personal experience, which gave him the knowledge and then the background to create the Luke Mitchner Series of books. In fact, most of his novels evolved out of his personal travel experiences. While searching for adventure, he sailed aboard a schooner that subsequently was shipwrecked on Palmyra Island. Being an author, he has taken liberties with his characters and the memorable events that came with this adventure. With an author’s discretion, he pulls his stories from various events in his life, weaving them together to enhance the narratives for our pleasure.

After months of unusual Pacific Ocean experiences this shipload of adventuresome characters is finally on their way home to take possession of Luke’s family’s massive inheritance. However, they are forever being sidetracked into wild and exciting episodes of intrigue. What’s new—halfway home they encounter and rescue a group of treasure hunters, then decide to join with them on Palmyra Island in the hunt for the pirate’s treasure. Their treasure dives are successful, and ancient Inca treasures are added to the mounting wealth. Later, they are confronted by two escaped convicts and desperate yacht thieves gone greedy. In the midst of their retrieval, disaster strikes when a cyclone sets off an underwater military explosives dump, which pretty well destroys the island. While they limp back to Hawaii, mourning the loss of one of their deck hands, another horrific rescue takes place and their schooner soon becomes a Noah’s ark, a ship full of strange refugees. Among all this intrigue, there are shipboard romances which must be kept in check and strange events keep everyone uptight and cautious of one another. Treasure breeds greed, greed divides friends and the evolution of human nature takes its course.

Adventure, Romance, Mystery and More! This 5th Novel in the Luke Mitchner Series is a true adventure into the secrets of the South Pacific. Life aboard the New Song is never dull. This incredible story offers every reader pure enjoyment and on-going adventure, right up to the last moment. This fifth novel is the final stepping stone for Luke’s newly founded Association, the MAVIN Team (Mitchner, Arrow, Vontempski Inter-National) which will soon be confronted and forced into incredible challenges. All their past experiences will play a role in their future and their ultimate survival as a potential philanthropic group…with the best of intentions. However, every life within or close to this group will be forced to change their perspective on life itself.


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Palmyra Island Lost Treasure Adventure!:
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