The Lost Wagonwheel Treasure!

(An Oregon Trail Mystery!)

Michael M. Tickenoff

Do yourself a favor and read something fresh and different. Get into this adventure and explore the possibilities and the reality that came along with the pioneer travelers. The Lost Wagonwheel Treasure rolls on and carries the spirit of those sojourners directly into modern day life. Oregon and the Northwest has hundreds of treasure tales, some true and some half true but this one will get you excited about searching out the rest of them. It is great reading for all ages and leaves you with more than treasure to think about. Those sojourners truly had a strong spirit in them, and not all of them would lay down and die!

The chronicles of the great Oregon Trail migration literally has hundreds if not thousands of tales and stories embedded into its history. Life, death and incredible human experience was played out along that two thousand mile trek. The story of one hidden treasure was always there, but no one ever found the key to read it until our two brothers from the small Oregon town of Silverton stumble upon it. A summertime job at their Uncle Jed’s salvage yard delivers young Philip and his younger brother Levi unto unexpected opportunity to seek after real lost treasure. The adventure begins while repairing and selling old wagon wheels On-Line. Philip, the college bound brother, discovers the ancient family map and last letter which becomes the key to the whereabouts of this hidden treasure. The long-lost treasure has managed to stay hidden for a century and a half; but seemingly, awaits its recovery but not to just anyone. This unusual discovery calls these young adventurers into yesteryear and opens a whole new future for their days. Their research leads them into the unknown, but it appears that something else seems to be summoning these two brothers into exciting adventure where they end up wiser, learning what the word mystery really means! Unexpectedly, they are cast into the lives and memories of pioneers long past. They now begin encountering human nature in a variety of unusual personalities and get more than acquainted with one far out character! This story is an easy going mystery filled with fun and adventure. This well told story of intrigue and excitement eventually concludes in a surprising twist!

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