The Hearst Castle’s Lost Treasure Mystery!

Book #3 In The Luke Mitchner Series
By Michael M. Tickenoff


The Hearst Castle is one of the most famous palaces in the world. It stands alone like a royal queen along the central California coast. It overlooks the vast Pacific with its incredible span of beaches and lands reaching out from the sea to the Mountains. Every aspect of this unique castle has a far reaching history with a mystery bound into its wonder. However, one secret that has been hidden for nearly a century is the treasure trove which was hidden in the nearby San Simeon coastal cove once used by smugglers and the Hearst contrabandists. This incredible story leads three young lives into the heart of this lost treasure and into the long forgotten stash of untold wealth. By the twist of fate our three young adventures are now found caught into a secret and this mystery leads them into a world of trouble and extraordinary adventures.

This adventure is full of unexpected twists and exciting turns, leading Luke Mitchner and his companions from a hidden cove along the San Semeon coast to a high powered family of extraordinary characters. This one of a kind novel is filled with intrigue, excitement, suspense, and far reaching consequences. The Luke Mitchner Inheritance comes into focus while the MAVIN Team is formed and united with the Hearst Castle Security Force . Unexpected romance and a family of incredible characters is united with Luke and his upcoming inheritance of millions. This novel is a bridge leading to a massive inheritance for Luke. He realizes that special help will be needed to gain his inheritance and then to deal with it. This simple adventure turns into a dynamic play of serious events of multi leveled consequences. Major barriers stand strong against Luke’s inheritance until these impossible odds begin to fall, with the help of the HC-Security Force and their
family of International Fixers!

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