The Green Bus And The X-O Factor!

(Techno Forces and the Great green Con)

Action and Adventure!
For All Ages!

This is the first Book of the Luke Mitchner Series. It is an original and partially true story that unites Adventure, Romance and strange Techno Forces into a wild and exciting escapade. Luke, our youthful journalist, gets a cross-country ride in a green bus and unexpectedly stumbles into a dangerous plot to destroy an International Moon Launch. His life is forever changed, and his dreams and career are now launched in a new direction.

On this cross-country assignment for a special story, Luke finds a ride with a bus load of naive space cadets and one strange Space Commander, Etroid! Interestingly enough they are all headed for the Triple International Moon Launch in Florida. Luke’s sympathetic character traps himself into helping this group of young travelers as he stumbles into a plot far too big for his abilities alone. But he finds help with Bib, a beautiful FBI agent, the perfect soul mate, and they join together in unraveling the strange techno plot.

Luke’s life is launched into love, and into the vortex of this plot of intrigue, where he is caught by forces delivering serious consequences. Luke wins the lead story but he also loses what he feels is way more precious! It’s an exciting adventure into a full-fledged terrorist plot with extenuating possibilities waiting to explode.
Extreme consequences are mixed into high-end technology and evil is ready to happen while Luke and his new love risk all to prevent a terrible disaster!

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