Ponderosity_coverBy Michael M. Tickenoff

This outstanding book and extraordinary collection of memorable proverbs, judicious sayings and unusual analogies is simply called “Ponderosity”. It contains well over 5000 smart and fitting Proverbs and unique Sayings for every situation. Ponderosity is a fitting word contrived by Michael the author of this massive collection. The title was specifically created to capture the idea of what these combined Collections are all about. These 5000 fragmented novels are observations, insights and analogies of a curious blind man and his unusual perceptions. To ponder simply means to stop and think, examine or contemplate. However, the word “Ponderosity” is made up of two interesting words: to “ponder” and “curiosity”. Curiosity had to be the light within ancient explorers and the spark within modern day inventors and adventurers. Everyday we are faced with thousands of decisions and sometimes curiosity becomes the driving force that opens doors and invites in new experiences. The existence of ‘Curiosity” is a fantastic part of the human spirit working within a mind that is prepared to search out and ponder on all that life has to offer.

If you’re a creative soul, an author/writer, a thinker, a teacher, a student of life, a parent or a professional this book is for you! Even though it is somewhat of a simple appearing book, don’t be fooled. For this incredible compilation goes way beyond a book of simple sayings. No doubt, it reaches way out there—distant and deep; searching for those with hungry minds. For all those, young and old who are willing to take the journey and search out diverse and rare treasure, they will herein discover hundreds of Instant Speeches, Thought Provoking Generators, Savvy Brainers, Cerebral Trail Blazers, Mental Block Blasters, Psychogenic Flash Bangers, Imaginary Rampages, Power Turbine Phrases, Idea Sparkers, Dubious Treasures and Electronic Chunks of Knowledge almost to large to fit into ones mind! One innocent or not so innocent verse can be worth more than a gold nugget, for it can be spent many times over but very few will choose its lasting riches. Ponderosity is a gold mine, full of new treasures; waiting for your discovery. These creative sayings and insights are short, pithy and clever epigrams which seize worthy moments with few words and mark them for closer examination and enrichment…LATER!

Herein within this collection, if you so desire to read, you will browse among every sort of experience and possibly rediscover feelings of your own. Perhaps reminiscing back to your very own times past, personally recalling how events fell before your feet like bright autumn leaves and were soon gone in the seasons. These insights and chunks of information will not leave you alone. Some will make you stop dead, others will anger you and there are a few that will pierce your heart. They are taken from real life experiences and everyone will identify with many of them personally. The composer of these diverse moments in time has chosen these 5000 pieces of time from his collections to inspire, to enhance and enlighten the citizens of life unto a higher calling.

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This book has some 520 pages of never before published proverbs and saying. It will take you a year to read them and a life time to grasp them!

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Keep this partially sighted author in mind, he’s got a lot to say and tons of real stories to tell.
His soon to be published stories and novellas of adventure, mystery and intrigue will offer all readers a pleasant feast at the table of easy entertainment and exciting satisfaction. You’ll never go away hungry but keep asking for more.

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