Olga, The Blind Mans Beauty!

By Michael M. Tickenoff

Olga, The Blind Mans Beauty is bound to become a classic in this 21st Century. If you ever had the experience to taste the lasting spice of “The Fiddler On The roof” your taste buds will once again come alive in this bountiful tale of life and all it has to offer.

If good character is meant to be a standard of humanity then this story challenges that ideal. A twist in fate brings about circumstances where both beauty and ugliness rise up and exposes the human character for its unknown condition of reality. If character were a picture, this story will paint another Mona Lisa, truly a lasting portrait of humanity at its best and at its worst.

This tale is where fate meets faith; and beauty comes alive in unexpected challenges. This tale is a lasting memorial where the perceptions of selflessness and selfishness is carved there upon. Reality cannot hide from circumstances and purpose is often revealed in unusual situations. An intriguing challenge arrives to a peaceful village and forces these peasant inhabitants to seek a most perplexing resolution to what they come to understand as an impossible stalemate. Unwanted drama creates overwhelming concerns and the entire episode strains every villager to their wits end. Their earlier decisions brought joy and prosperity but fate twists and turns their good fortune into a most difficult dilemma.

This industrious village of Sidba takes the chance with destiny, challenging possible consequences by manipulating good for gain.    Never the less, events lead their futures into one great lesson of life and an unexpected resolution, not of their own making. Once the residence of the 21st Century comes to know this tale, they will undoubtedly realize the deeper aspects of human nature. With the wisdom of this narrative, men might then consider their own challenges of fate and destiny!

This memorable story is now being distributed and coming alive in various theater groups. It possesses all the perfect components for creating worthwhile memories. The story in and of itself will touch your heart and at the same time save you the cost of going to the theater and leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and you will mark it on your return calendar.

Every memorable movie and play will have three basic attributes within them. But Olga, The Blind Mans Beauty has way more than just three within it; Character, Humor, Fate, Faith, Actions, Outcome, Selflessness, Beauty, Perceptions, Challenge, Misunderstanding, Helplessness, purpose and Resolution!

* For sure, this story will make a great movie and one incredible play!

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