Old Blind Sarah And The Village Lake Walkers!

By Michael M. Tickenoff

This story is set into the center of one of the worlds greatest historical regions but one of the least known. This region has the honor of being known as the cross-roads of history stretching back to the time of Noah and Abraham. This never before told story is rich with simple inspiration.  It has been   gleamed from fire side tales reaching far back in time; but not so far back as to allow its loss. Lake Sevon really exists, the village of Nadezhda does exist along side that vast Armenian lake. And the cruel Russian government did spend millions of lives reaching out and devouring surrounding nations and crushing many small villages which stood in their path. Every lake side village and each surrounding mountain in this landscape  has a countless number of stories to tell. This is a story made up of many parts with the village of Nadezhda being the focal point. Without a doubt, brutally cold winters freeze not only the high mountain regions of the Caucuses but turn the surface of this lake into a solid ice desert. And it is said that this one village has more  tales in it than New York has stories. Many tales of struggle and tragedy encompass this massive body of water. Its many villages have gone through countless changes over the centuries but many have survived to tell their tales. Old blind Sarah and the village lake walkers encompass the heartiness and determination of men and women to remain free and out of the grip of men gone mad with political and military power. This is an unusual story of quiet inspiration which leads to a better future for all those willing to walk on thin ice!

* This story would make a beautiful Movie or even an incredible Play!

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