Obscenity Island!

This is Book #4 in the Luke Mitchner Series.


Just when you thought that everything that could be imagined was imagined, along comes Obscenity Island! This story is not only an adventure carrying Luke Mitchner and his companions towards a greater goal but it is also a parabolic analogy of a process called Maturity! The author, Michael M. Tickenoff, really walks out on the wing on this one. Obscenity Island has it all, including Beelzebub, a notorious parrot that forces the world into unheard of decisions. This wild and ill-mannered parrot unknowingly puts the world’s bird songs into jeopardy. However, it takes some special characters that are drawn into this Pacific drama to intercede and eventually turn the world’s song birds back onto course. The outrageous songs of the shipwrecked parrot entices Luke Mitchner and the crew of his boat, the New Song, to seek the source of this ruination where they themselves become tangled into unheard of challenges.

Obscenity Island is where it all happens. This phrase flinging multilingual parrot of ill repute is marked for destruction until the Mitchner team becomes involved. Yet, there is something else taking place. It takes this extraordinary parrot to finally awaken humanity to recognize one of their greatest blessings and its possible loss. The world manages to unite to actually save the song birds of the world but Luke and his crew unites to save the parrot. This will be a classic milestone story filled with adventure, and memorable characters, with a taste of romance and a bit of strange humor; you will not forget this story!

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