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Michael is a gentle old soul with a heart of gold and a very rich diamond mind. He’s been around and around, just won’t go away. If you have a hungry mind, he’ll feed you well. Read his stories and they will tell you that everything is worn and torn on this old blind man, except for his imagination!

MichaelMichael is friendly; he is kind and still learning how to be somewhat refined. Take him with a grain of salt and a pinch of gold because he’s well on his way to getting old. He’s had a rough life, full of strife with many a go around and still lives without a frown. His life has taken its toll,  but this man named Michael is a special soul with lots of life and a mysterious role!

Michael, or Old Blind Mike has had the misfortune to lose most of his sight over the years and is now settling down to publish a few of his adventures in this life. He has been telling stories for a long time and now hopes to  share some of his adventures into reality and his escapes into the fictional world with those interested in something different.

Being blind is one thing, but to move beyond the normal boundaries of life in general with such an affliction will definitely create stories for the one who is willing to venture forth and enjoy new and different experiences.

Everyone has been granted an imagination but not all have learned to use it. However, there are exceptions to this fact. Often, extenuating circumstances
will force into existence an adaptable compensation. Thus, for this author, due to his failing sight, his imagination has been dragged in and out of many
unusual experiences. These lifetime events have helped exercise his thought process, bringing him into a varied cyclorama of insights and expression.
Sometimes these ongoing events have brought this curious mind to the edge of a peculiar perception and beyond. His stories and novelettes are often found to be somewhat unusual but Michael still manages to retain the wholesome flavor of honest adventure. His stories express these very different insights and every reader will be able to either nibble or feast on a new and different panoramic perspective.

Michael has been a story teller, a researcher, a self-published author, an artist, a public speaker, a traveler and an adventurer. He has had the opportunity
to travel to over 40 countries. He lived in the Hawaiian Islands for several years and had the opportunity to sail into the South Pacific for a nine month adventure. There he was shipped wrecked and nearly lost in strange shark infested waters!  He also lived in the Amazon jungle, 300 miles from the nearest city, while attempting to begin a coffee plantation in green hell. Michael has been mugged, waylaid, robbed and lost in dark places but lived to tell the tales. He has visited and traveled through Australia on long stays over a period of several years, lived in his own stone hut on the Red Sea, traveled across the mid-east in the heart of winter and survived to tell the story. An old time, on the road hitch-hiker, with a thousand strange tales.  His mountain excursions into the Himalayas and treks across India and his extended life in Goa, Armenia and Russia have added many aspects to his repertoire of medleys. He was a shepherd for a time, a logger, a wood crafter, and a very incredible landscape-gardener. He is blessed with a curious soul, taking him to many out of the ordinary places. There is more, but all this was done with the title of being legally blind. Yes, there are some really good stories to tell and we hope the readers from young to old who might be looking for something just a little different, will come to know this old time author.

Most of Michaels’s writings have been accomplished in research for others. He has written well over 200 stories of all types and has recently compiled and self published 5000 of his very own proverbs. This book of his collective sayings and proverbs is called Ponderosity! It will soon be available for purchase if time allows this author to live long enough.  Michael will now begin an effort to share some of his adventures both in life and through his insightful imagination.

Note: Michael also writes under the pseudonym Michael M. Michaelson (MMM)

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  1. Michael, I didn’t know you’d been to and lived in all those places! You make my travels seem little in comparison. So many places to go…

    I enjoy reading about your adventures, imaginary or otherwise.

    Congratulations on a life well-lived and it ain’t over yet!

  2. Michael, I am trying to reach you. There may be million dollar contracts in your future! My emails are not getting through to you. Call me on Skype with my name rebecca dot jaynes, or on my phone number 502 3139 8533 (better to use Skype for that too.)

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