1000 Things To Tell Your Kids Before It’s Too Late!

1000_things_imgRare Seeds For A Better Future
Michael M. Tickenoff

    Without a doubt, this extraordinary booklet contains a Treasury of information and an unusual assortment of Tools which are joined together with the threads of experience.  They have been compiled and formed as a communications TOOL for every individual who is seeking a richer and more abundant affiliation with family, friends and youth.

This is a collection of simple but powerful principles and proven concepts, contributed freely from many outstanding lives. Understand that this material was harvested from out of the mountains, forests, fields, gardens and villages of real people, not from the polished palaces of self perpetuated intellectual error. These weighty nuggets and rugged gems of insight come from near and far, from rich and poor and from every walk of life. This accumulated information is directly out of this authors very own  personal diaries of collected resources, from extraordinary folks who have carried with them the knowledge of their  endeavors and have  not only gained  marvelous insights  but are due long awaited honor. I now share and publish this information for all those who gave indefatigably of themselves, for the sake of their children and the future generations; all without recognition!

If you are a Parent, a Teacher, a Counselor, a Professional or just someone who really wants insights to real life, this book is for you!

These down to earth basic principles will help unravel the mystery behind raising good kids and at the same time bore deep into the secret fountains of a better life for all!

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1000 Things To Tell Your Kids Before It’s Too Late!
ISBN 9781301156511.

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