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This site is the entry point that sets you upon the path to Intrigue, Insight and Adventure. These writings will deliver unto you a very different reading experience. The stories, tales and novelettes are hereby presented to take each reader into a level of new thought provoking adventures. Some reflect true life experiences while many are fictional stories extracted from those real events, enhanced for the pleasure of differing interests and pure entertainment. Enjoy and please take the time to leave your comments or contact the author.

Ready To Order:

*Angel Eyes!
*The Great Summer of Philosophy!
*Old Blind Sarah and the Village Lake Walkers!
*Olga, The Blind Man’s Beauty!
*The Pit Stop Puzzle
*1000 Things to Tell Your Kids Before It’s Too Late!
*The Lost Wagon Wheel Treasure
*The Seventh Man!
*Fountains From Ice!

The Luke Mitchner Series Is Here!
Book #1 The Green Bus And The X-O Factor!
Book #2 The Pitt Stop Puzzle Mystery!
Book #3 The Hearst Castles Lost Treasure Mystery
Book #4 Obscenity Island!
Book #5 The Palmyra Island Treasure Adventure!
Book #6 The Inheritance!

Soon To Arrive:
* The Inheritance!
* The Sound Reading Machine!
*The Final Finale!
*The Stone House On The Red Sea!
* Papa’s Gold!

Free Stories From Michael:
* Michael’s true story, “The Cultural Canyon” is the First Place winner in the Spring/Summer Magnets and Ladders nonfiction contest.
* Gertrude My Killer Mule
* The Great Pastrami Caper
* The Italian Bus Ride
* Quality Family Time Master
* The Three Loneliest Places
* A Strangers Lesson
* Accident Insurance Letter!
* 100 Free Original Proverbs From Michael

Note: Michael also writes under the pseudonym Michael M. Michaelson (MMM)

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Remember now: One Degree In The Beginning, Makes All The Difference In The End!

Thank All Of You!

5 thoughts on “This Site Has Been Created Especially For Those With Hungry Minds!

  1. I am so happy to be a character in your novel. I did a good deed, but did you have to really end my life in this manner? I hope you and your crew go on to higher things and please don’t forget me or my last requests! Guard those golden links!

  2. Dear Mike! Sorry you had to end that way, but one of my favorite people is named Mike James. Just think now, you shall live forever and you even have a lasting memorial that will out live all of us. Mike won’t be forgotten.

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